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En mail fra Paco

mars 8, 2010
Her er en mail fra min gode venn Paco, som jeg ble kjent med i Chicago, sommeren 2007. Han går nå på skole i New Orleans. For en fantastisk bildeserie…
A mail from my friend, Paco. I met him in Chicago during the summer of 2007 and he now lives in New Orleans where he is a bona fide killing machine.
The Whole Hog Story-line

Meet the Farmer–Justing the Farmer from Mississippi
Meet Henrietta
Meet Her Family
This is what grandmas used to do to get dinner on the table. Some of you might not enjoy some of these pictures, but this is what you
have to do before you eat those pork chops. Its amazing how much more you appreciate your food when you personally meet the person who raises it.  Henrietta was tasty–and still is. Saturday we ate her body, and in the coming days I will make menudo with her stomach, pate with her liver, and morcilla (blood sausage) with her heart, lungs, kidneys, blood, and intestine (both large and small).
Step 1:
Clean Henrietta, as you can see she loved rolling around in mud
Step 2:
Slice her jugular artery to drain her blood.
Step 3: Dip in 150-160 degree water to de-hair
Step 4: Unzip her belly and remove organs
Step 5: We cooked it in a caja china, so I sliced her skin and rubbed her down with a garlic-oregano paste (inside and out), and injected her with a mojo. The x looks a bit weird and satanic-looking, but I had to take the bullet out!
Meet the Team: 10 Swine Fellows
We successfully raised almost 1000 dollars. Next year, we know exactly what we are doing so watch out!!!
Step 6: Cook in the caja china…low and slow! (8 hours, and it could have gone for an additional 2 or 3)
Step 7: Get ready to eat!  
Henrietta, you were delicious, thank you so much for such a great Saturday dinner…and more to come!

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  1. jorgensorheim permalink har en tilsvarende fin serie her:

  2. 🙂 Ingen bra artikel för extrema djurvänner med svagt hjärta! hehehe

    • christopherhaatuft permalink

      Ingen bra extrema djurvänner 😛

  3. Just FYI…La Caja China just released a cookbook, “La Caja China Cooking”

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